Thursday, July 7, 2016


How to download and install Fallout 4

Yes. There is a way. There is actually a perfectly simple & safe way for you to both download and install Fallout 4. Installing this game on your PC or Mac has never been easier. We had some difficulties with Fallout 3, if you remember. But this time, we’ve found a way to directly extract the „run“ files of the game, and patch them into our „crack“ executable. Also, we fixed the crack launch this time. You don’t have to „run“ anything on your PC or Mac. Simply copy/paste the Fallout 4 installation directory to your „Program Files“ folders. You can paste it anywhere, but the „Program Files“ directory is the most-stable way. Use the download button on this page to access the Fallout 4 installation files. Follow instructions when the download is completed! Bethesda Game Studious have done a terrific job with their new title. Fallout 4 will be released on November 10, 2015. You should join the fun.

Crack crash issues with Fallout 4

Some Mac users have reported that their game crashes with our crack after 2-3 hours of gameplay. We don’t have a particular fix but one very recommended thing is that players should „right-click“ on the Fallout 4 icon and check the box where it reads „Run as an administrator“. This will effectively give administrative priority for your PC/Mac to run the game. Other reported issues include players stating that they’ve got very little FPS in-game. This is obviously not an issue with our crack files, but rather the player’s system hardware. Even though the game is decently optimized, you should check the game system requirements below before trying to play it. Just in case. Thankfully, these are more reasonable than those for Battlefront and my PC should do the job, which is excellent news.

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