Thursday, July 7, 2016

Overwatch Beta Key Generator

How to get Overwatch Beta Keys

It is actually really simple to get into the Overwatch BETA! First, you will have to download theOverwatch Beta Key Generator we found to your PC. After that, run the application and choose you desired platform to play on! Be it PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. After that, choose the region you are playing from, in order to get the key for example EU or US based servers. Other regions are available as well.
One thing you should be aware of is that we already generated several keys with this generator and each and every one of them successfully activated the game on the respected software like Steam, or on the official website.
Use the download button below to get your Overwatch BETA Access and start playing as soon as possible. The beta for Overwatch will not last long and everyone should get a chance to try out this awesome game before the long wait for the official full game release!

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