Sunday, October 30, 2016

Shadowmatic Hack Tool

Shadowmatic Hack Tool

Shadowmatic it delivered to mobile Android puzzle game. The project has developed a studio Triad. The company operates since 1993, but previously dealt exclusively with work in other industries, and this is her debut on the market. The authors do not bother trying to create any Skladná layers of narrative. Instead, it is a pure puzzle game in which we have to solve an impressive set of puzzles, divided into nine stages in the form of a variety of rooms. Each of them has a unique climate, built by full details of the graphics and refined background music. In total, the passage waiting more than 70 levels. The structure of the single player is not linear, and we can always choose between several challenges. Therefore, even if we have a problem with something, it does not prevent passage is fun, because just then try another level. The rules governing the gameplay are unusual, but at the same time quite simple. Starting challenge we get to play with any object that is illuminated in such a way that its shadow was clearly projected onto the wall. Our task is manipulating the object to the shadow gained recognizable shape of an object or animal. In the beginning we play individual objects, but with time the quantity starts to increase, and thus as to increase the difficulty in obtaining the desired shadow. The authors of a well-balanced this aspect of the game and we are never thrown too deep. Instead, the puzzles are becoming more and more complex, making the need for more abstract thinking, which makes the game quickly bored. For less experienced players prepared an extensive system of hints.

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