Friday, November 4, 2016

MU Legend Download Full Game PC + CRACK

MU Legend Download Full Game PC + CRACK

MU Legend Sequel one of the most popular Korean MMORPG. MU 2 is the work of development studio of Webzen Inc., which also undertook the role of publisher. The game is set on the mythical continent of Mu, according to the theory of James Churchward inhabited by an ancient civilization Naascalów. Players take on the roles of heroes who are looking for the legendary land of wealth, adventure and monsters to slay. The gameplay in the MU 2 is focused on dynamic combat style racial hack'n'slash. As befits a production MMO, the game is no shortage of powerful social features, allowing, among others, to communicate with friends, forming a team and creating clans. High-quality visuals MU 2 is generated by the popular Unreal Engine 3.

Download MU Legend PC + CRACK


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