Friday, November 4, 2016

Robinson: The Journey Download Full Game PS4 + CRACK

Robinson: The Journey Download Full Game PS4 + CRACK

Robinson: The Journey Realized in the first-term exploration adventure game, designed for virtual reality technology by German studio Crytek, known mainly thanks to the best-selling series Crysis. The game Robinson: The Journey takes place on a distant, alien planet, connecting the tropical flora of the prehistoric fauna in the form of the mighty dinosaurs. The planet's surface is dotted with numerous additional remnants of technologically advanced, extinct civilization. During the game we take on the character of the young boy who was the only survivor of the crash of the spacecraft. His task will be gradual discovery of alien and mysterious land through numerous adventures and climbing in various interactions with the surrounding elements. The distinguishing feature of the game is to use the latest generation of proprietary engine CryEngine, which provides high-quality graphic design, significantly surpassing most of the production destined for cooperation with the VR goggles.

Download Robinson: The Journey PS4 + CRACK


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